Issekeshev orders to ensure clear coordination of government agencies’ activities to implement President’s instructions

Asset Issekeshev, the head of the Administration of the President of Kazakhstan, held a briefing session on the implementation of the head of state set in the Address to the people of Kazakhstan, correspondent reports.

It was attended by the leadership of the President’s Administration, Chairman of the National Bank Daniyar Akishev, Deputy PM Yerbolat Akishev, head of the Office of the Prime Minister Nurlan Aldarbergenob, National Economy Minister Timur Suleimenov and others.

The session pursued substantial discussions on algorithms and mechanisms of works on each main key directions of the National Action Plan to implement the Address of the head of state.

Head of the President’s Administration instructed to ensure a clear coordination of works of all interested government agencies so as to effectively implement and achieve concrete results in all planned actions.

Asset Issekeshev also emphasized the main tasks and functions of the National Committee for Modernization that, in accordance with the instruction of the head of state, will comprehensively monitor and evaluate the implementation of all main strategic documents.

Following the meeting, the participants were given the instructions to introduce system controls at all levels, as well as to realise the priority actions of the Address having a high socially important impact.